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As a sponsor of Piano for all, you create positive benefits for everyone:


For the people:


- They make a social contribution

- They help people to develop or maintain a positive attitude to life

- They make an important contribution to inclusion

- They support people who do not have the necessary means to attend commercial concerts

- They contribute to the acceptance of difference


For her:


- You create a positive image for yourself or your company

- You take on social responsibility

- You contribute to more community



Of course you can also support Piano for all with a private donation.

Any contribution to development is welcome and will be used solely to further promote these projects.

Sponsor Paket

Sponsor-Paket, bestehend aus:

- Einbindung in Website

- E-Mailings (Newsletter)

- Einbindung in Instagram

- Einbindung in Facebook

- Einbindung in Printmedien

Nähere Infos gerne auf Anfrage. 



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