As a sponsor of Piano for all, you create positive benefits for everyone:


For the people:


- They make a social contribution

- They help people to develop or maintain a positive attitude to life

- They make an important contribution to inclusion

- They support people who do not have the necessary means to attend commercial concerts

- They contribute to the acceptance of difference


For her:


- You create a positive image for yourself or your company

- You take on social responsibility

- You contribute to more community



Of course you can also support Piano for all with a private donation.

Any contribution to development is welcome and will be used solely to further promote these projects.


Sponsor-Paket, bestehend aus:

- Einbindung in Website

- E-Mailings (Newsletter)

- Einbindung in Instagram

- Einbindung in Facebook

- Einbindung in Printmedien

Da das Projekt am 1.9.2018 neu startet, bitten wir um Verständnis, dass noch keine Mediadaten vorliegen. Die Zahlen werden sich je nach verfügbaren Mitteln sukzessive entwickeln und die Preise des Sponsorenpaketes entsprechend preislich angeglichen.

Startpreis zum Einstieg bis 31.12.2018: 2.500,-€ für 12 Monate, unabhängig von der Entwicklung der Mediadaten.