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The first pictures Tiffany painted as a toddler with colored felt pens and on the computer, because it was a kind of expression for them.

While painting, she was able to create her own world, feeling confident and confident. As she liked to read different books from early on, she gradually began to write picture stories. Lean, tall girls played an important role, because they were also role models at the time.


At certain stages of her life, Tiffany quickly painted over 30 pictures a day and

the desk looked like a studio. Later, she also painted along with her

her mother on big screens.

Creative work fascinates Tiffany to this day and she still likes to paint and do a lot, but she also loves other things like painting. Jewelry design, graphic design u.v.m.


Tiffany's pictures should help people to understand each other better

and to treat each other better.

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