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I was born on the 25.12.1998 in Munich. Shortly after my birth was u.a. diagnosed a multiple heart defect, which was then operated at 4 months for the first time and followed later in the course of 2 more OPs. My entire development was heavily influenced by health and emotional issues. In addition to the many medical appointments, I mainly had to deal with a variety of fears and therefore could not lead a "normal" life, although I never wanted to be different and would have liked that people treat me as normal.


However, as my mental development was exactly the opposite, my problems got bigger and bigger. At the age of 2 I started playing the piano, at the age of 4 I had read, write and calculate myself, which led to more and more envy and resentment. As a result, I was very afraid of other children, did not go to kindergarten, attended 7 schools where my academic performance was getting worse and worse, although I love learning at school, but in this environment, it's not possible for me was. There was also frequent strong bullying by classmates and a school system in which there is no room for children who learn differently.


Thus, after 19 years, I have learned that it is important to me now to live and work with people who accept me as I am and also share my thoughts and feelings.


First contact with keyboard at the age of 18 month. 

First song: Alle meine Entchen

First piano with 2 years. Children songs and own compositions. 

First piano classes with 3 years. First classical pieces Etudes, Waltzes.

First concert with 3,5 years. Beethoven: Rondo a Cappricio. 


With 5 years, first children concert in Steinway-House Munich.

Beethoven: Waltz Nr 25, Sonatina


Piano lessons until today with well-known pianists.

Since 2016: Social projects for many institutions.

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