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Tiffany Eisenbarth


.. is an extraordinary young woman who, with her piano playing and her diverse social commitment, wants to contribute to the fact that differentness is accepted and lived not as a disability, but as an equal and respected part of our society and that people regardless of their background or physical condition

have the same chance of a happy and fulfilling life.


Piano for all

Music has always been important in Tiffany's life. Even as a toddler she heard all kinds of music and

she played the piano if she liked a piece. Music was an important means of expression for her to be perceived and heard. As a result, music became more and more the focus of her life and became the most important part of her work today.


Tiffany wants to make music in order to connect people, in particular, he would like to especially make people happy who can not participate in the usual concerts or who, due to their living conditions, have little access to music.


Tiffany wants to use music to change and reach people's thoughts on the positive,

that they become happy with the music.



For more informations about my social activities with piano 

please write me a message.


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